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Our Vision
When we say we want local municipalities, the State, and even residents to work to create more affordability, what do we mean? Learn more here.

Looking at the City Code Through an Equity--and Affordability Lens
Joining Forces has defined the changes we think the City of Evanston should make to the City Code to erase the remnants of redlining and increase affordability throughout the community. We think surrounding municipalities should do just a review and revision as well. Learn more here.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Housing & Our Advocacy Response
The housing crisis, like so many other issues, is being amplified by COVID-19. Joining Forces has identified what we believe are the key actions to make the greatest impact, and the actions we can take together to accelerate those actions.
Learn more here.

What Local Agencies Are Doing to Help with Housing during COVID
At its April meeting, Connections discussed what local agencies that support those with housing needs are doing in response to COVID-19. Learn more here.

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