Get Involved

Levels of Advocacy
Joining Forces offers many ways to get involved and can offer opportunity for action if:
  • You only have a little time 
  • You have lots of time
  • You're an affordable housing expert 
  • This is your first foray into the topic of affordable housing
  • You are an experienced community organizer
  • You never advocated for anything in your life
ALL Action Counts!
You can put together an advocacy agenda for yourself that promotes your own learning, matches your schedule, and has impact. Here are some options to choose from.

How to Get Involved

Join Our Mailing List
This is how you get connected to what we are doing and learn about opportunities to get involved. Sign up here.

Come to Joining Forces Member Meetings: 
  • 1st Monday of the month, 1:00 p.m. Contact for a Zoom link.
  • Hear updates on what we're doing, participate in problem-solving and brain-storming about next steps.

Join a Committee
We don't have standing committees. We form committees to address an immediate need and then disband the committee when there's no more work to do. We are looking for creative and hard-working volunteers to join these current committees (as of November 2020):

  • YIMBY Committee: Lend your expertise as we:
    • Create workshops for a new affordable housing curriculum to be rolled out in January 2020
    • Develop a series of videos to use in advocacy work
    • Advocate for Evanston to use its City-owned property to develop affordable housing

  • Zoning Committee: Join our team to:
    • Advocate that the City of Evanston do a revision of City Code (including Zoning and Building Code) based on racial equity and affordability
    • Research best practices around zoning

  • Landlord Committee: Help with strategy and implementation as we:
    • Develop a curriculum to help tenants be successful
    • Create a new "rent guarantee" type of program to support landlords who rent to people with low incomes or other housing barriers

Attend, Host, or Teach a Workshop:
Joining Forces is developing a curriculum on affordable housing that can be delivered on Zoom (for now) or in person (in the future). We will be rolling this out with a splash in early 2021 and will need attendees, hosts to gather attendees, and instructors/co-facilitators.

Attend Civic Meetings:
We are looking for Joining Forces members to attend and report back on meetings of local City Councils and Village Boards, Housing Commissions, Zoning Boards, Plan Commissions, etc.

Check out our Resources page (coming) for all kinds of information related to affordable housing and its intersection with current events, health, child development, poverty, etc.

Start a Campaign:
If you have other ideas about what needs to be done, come to a Joining Forces meeting and pitch your idea. Very likely, someone will join you, and you might even get a committee working with you.

For More Information
To get more information or to get started, contact Sue at